Research Projects

These pages of our website provide a way for you to explore the many research projects currently on-going in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Michigan. We have organized our projects according to several principles. You can search "by Material" which will provide a list of projects that involve materials which are primarily ceramic, metal, semiconductor or organic in nature. In addition separate categories cover projects in composite materials, which are made up of multiple constituents, and in the emerging area of nanomaterials, where researchers attempt to exploit the unique properties of materials by manipulating them at very small scales. Alternately you can search "by Application" depending on whether your interests are in the areas of biomedical, electronic, energy, nanotechnology or structural uses of materials. Or you can see projects organized "by Technique" showing those projects that involve characterization of material structure, computation for simulating materials behavior, processing methods to create materials or synthesis of new compounds. Most projects fall into multiple categories. Simply click on the title of a project to learn more.