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Van Vlack Undergraduate Laboratory


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The Van Vlack Undergraduate Laboratory was established in 2000 and dedicated in 2003 with a gift from the family of Lawrence Van Vlack in order to enhance the learning environment for undergraduates in the Materials Science and Engineering department at the University of Michigan. 

The laboratory is first and foremost an undergraduate facility, available for use in undergraduate courses and research projects. These facilities may also be used for outreach to the community, or for graduate courses and research, pending availability.


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This modern facility boasts an open floor plan to facilitate a variety of laboratory and classroom configurations.

It is filled with state of the art characterization and processing equipment used in the field of Materials Science and Engineering.

It is currently used in all laboratory courses in MSE, and several conventional lecture courses use the computer facilities to enable interactive learning activities.

The facilities are also used to host various outreach activities that occur on campus.