When 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Nov 07, 2014
Where 1670 Beyster Building
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Generalized Forward Projectors for Electron Scattering Modalities in 3D Materials Characterization

Marc DeGraef
Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Modern 3D materials characterization tools provide us with very large data sets, often obtained with multiple experimental modalities, for instance EBSD+BSE imaging and chemical maps. To make full use of such rich data sets, it is important that the user have a clear understanding of how the various signals were generated, and what each signal can (and can not) tell us about the microstructure. This requires an accurate physical model for the interaction of the probe with the sample; such a model is known as a generalized forward projector, or GFP. Given a synthetic microstructure, a good GFP should be able to generate all the images, diffraction patterns, and spectra, that the actual experimental setup would produce. In addition, the ability to predict the outcome of a microstructure acquisition run should also enable one to determine how accurate the data is, since one can apply calibrated modifications to the synthetic microstructure and measure how they change the resulting images. A good physical model for the instrument that one is using should also allow for the optimization of data acquisition parameters, such as sample tilt, illumination conditions, detector settings, and so on. In this presentation, we will discuss recently developed GFPs for the dynamical simulation of electron back-scatter diffraction (EBSD) patterns, STEM defect contrast images, electron channeling contrast images, and various electron diffraction modalities.

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