Tim Chambers, Instructional Labs Supervisor & Adjunct Lecturer

2224C H.H. Dow

(734) 647-9631

Tim's is responsible for managing the Van Vlack Undergraduate Laboratory and teaching the junior lab classes MSE 360 and 365.  His other duties include maintaining equipment, conducting trainings, and running outreach events and demonstrations.  He is available to assist faculty, staff, and students with instructional and facilities needs.

Sahar Farjami, Engineering Technician

2224B HH Dow

(734) 647-1099

Sahar is responsible for repair, maintenance and training users, including undergraduate and graduate students, on proper use of laboratory equipment.  Sahar participates in continuous process improvement efforts in the VanVlack labs and assists other team members and students as needed.

Kathleen Sevener, Lecturer

2102 H.H. Dow

(734) 647-3223

My research interests are currently focused on high temperature materials for hypersonic flight, long term durability of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) for turbine engines, and the performance and durability of ceramics and CMCs for elevated temperature energy applications. Both aerospace and energy applications provide aggressive thermal, mechanical, and chemical environments for materials and the principal focus of my research interests is to develop a fundamental understanding of the physics based response of materials to these aggressive environments through experimental evaluation to relate the thermodynamics and kinetics behind degradation mechanisms to the macroscopic material properties and mechanical/thermal performance of the structure. This experimental work is critical to the validation and verification of existing and new design tools.

George Wynarsky, Lecturer

2042 HH Dow

(734) 763-5469