Faculty Awards

CaE Faculty Awards

Faculty Accomplishment Awards

The MSE Department Outstanding Accomplishment Award is presented annually to a faculty member for their stellar performance in materials research and teaching and service to the department. A single recipient is chosen every year by the department chair. 
The winner is recognized at the annual CoE faculty honors dinner dance.


2018 Max Shtein

2017 Alan Taub

2016 Emmanuelle Marquis

2015 Anish Tuteja 

2014 Katsuyo Thornton 

2013 Jinsang Kim

2012 John Allison

2011 John Halloran

2010 Rachel Goldman

2009 Max Shtein

2008 David Martin

2007 John Kieffer

2006 Tresa Pollock

2005 Wayne Jones

2004 Ron Gibala

2003 Tresa Pollock

2002 Bill Hosford

2001 Dave Martin

2000 Steve Yalisove

1999 John Halloran


Jon R. and Beverly S. Holt Award for Excellence in Teaching 

The Jon R. and Beverly S. Holt Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented annually by College of Enegineering to one faculty member in Materials Science and Engineering and one in Industrial and Operations Engineering to recognize outstanding teaching.


2016 Manos Kioupakis

2015 Katsuyo Thornton

2014 Manos Kioupakis

2013 Emmanuelle Marquis

2012 Dick Robertson

2011 John Halloran

2010 Tresa Pollock

2009 Anton Van der Ven

2008 Max Shtein

2007 Jinsang Kim

2006 Michael Falk

2005 Steve Yalisove