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Increasingly materials scientists and engineers focus on the control of atomic scale structure to tailor material properties for desired functionality and applications. This focus has pushed our discipline to the forefront of developing and applying new tools to observe and manipulate matter at the smallest scales. In recent years, computational tools have been developed to guide the experiments to accelerate the discovery, design and development of advanced materials.

The strength of the materials research program at the University of Michigan is in its diversity. Our faculty are engaged in state-of-the-art research covering a broad spectrum of activities with the common goal of improving how materials are utilized and manufactured to improve the quality of life in the 21st century.

Our expertise spans the complete spectrum of advanced engineering material systems comprised of semiconductors, polymers, bio-materials, metals, and ceramics in the form of nanostructured, composite, thin film or bulk materials for applications in energy, transportation, defense, electronics and communications, sustainability, biomedical and consumer products. The research paradigm involves integration of processing, characterization and theory/computation.

To learn more about the currently active research projects and browse through publications, please visit the research group pages of the individual faculty.

The research activities are sorted by primary focus on i) Functional Materials (electronic, optoelectronic, optical, magnetic, biological, chemical function), and ii) Structural Materials (load-bearing applications including extreme environments such as high-temperatures and irradiation).


Functional Materials
Structural Materials

Stephen Forest

Sharon Glotzer

Vikram Gavini

Rachel Goldman

John Heron

Robert Hovden

John Kieffer

Jinsang Kim

Manos Kioupakis

Nick Kotov

Joerg Lahann

Rick Laine

Peter Ma

Geeta Mehta

Joanna Millunchick

Pierre Ferdinand Poudeu

Pramod Reddy

Jeff Sakamoto

Max Shtein

Don Siegel

Henry Sodano

Katsuyo Thornton

Michael Thouless

Anish Tuteja

Steve Yalisove

John Allison

Michael Atzmon

Vikram Gavini

John Halloran

Victor Li

Emmanuelle Marquis

Jyoti Mazumder

Amit Misra

Liang Qi

Ashwin Shahani

Alan Taub

Katsuyo Thornton

Lumin Wang

Gary Was