M.S. Degree Requirements


Three different types of Master’s degrees are offered: one with a primary focus on coursework (Coursework), one for CoE students to pursue a 5 year combined B.S.E./M.S.E. (SUGS), and one with an emphasis on research (Research) Students supported with a GSRA or research fellowship, must pursue a Research masters rather than a Coursework master's.



The following requirements are departmental; they are meant to provide details beyond those given by the Rackham Graduate School’s Academic Policies and Procedures.  Where the following requirements conflict with Rackham’s Policies and Procedures, the Rackham requirements will take precedence. 


All M.S.E. students receiving financial support from the MSE dept., from the University, or from a National Fellowship must enroll in MSE 690 during the term(s) they are supported.  The faculty research advisor will work closely with the student to establish a research program and officially evaluate the student’s research progress through the grading of MSE 690.  Students must register for at least a total (coursework and research credits) of 8 credit hours each term to maintain full time status.



All M.S.E. students who are enrolled in research and are supported by a fellowship or grant must register for 1 credit of MSE 890 (MSE Colloquium) for up to 4 semesters and attend at least 70% of the colloquium each semester to receive a satisfactory passing grade. All Research Master’s students who are enrolled in research and not supported by a grant or fellowship are still expected to attend the Colloquium series. They may take up to 2 semesters (2 credits) of MSE 890, but this is not required. Coursework Master’s students who are not enrolled in research are not required to enroll in MSE 890, but may take up to 2 credits of MSE 890.



All course selections must follow the course structure described for each of the two tracks (Research Masters and Coursework Masters and must be approved by the MSE Master’s committee chair.