SUGS Coursework Master's

SUGS/SGUS (Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies)

The Rackham SUGS program was developed to promote greater enrollment of qualified College of Engineering students in the Master’s Program by making it possible for students to pursue a five-year combined B.S.E./M.S.E, B.S.E./M.S. The program does not require a dual enrollment, though a minimum of two full terms (minimum of 9 credit hours each term) of graduate enrollment in Rackham only is required.

SGUS students must complete 30 credit hours (coursework and research credits) of graduate level courses per the coursework M.S.E. degree requirements described above.   

i)               Foundation courses (minimum of 12 credit hours) 

ii)             Elective courses (maximum of 18 credit hours)

Of the 30 credit hours, at least 15 credit hours of MSE department courses (excluding MSE 690) must be taken.  


MSE SUGS Course Plan of Study Form for Master 


Foundation courses: 

SUGS students must select a minimum of four courses (12 credits) within this category/module.




Foundation courses(Credits: at least 12 credits)

MSE 532 (3): Advanced Thermodynamics of Materials 

MSE 535 (3): Kinetics, Phase Transformations and Transport 

MSE 560 (3): Structures of Materials

MSE 520 (3): Advanced Mechanical Behavior

MSE 510 (3): Materials Chemistry

MSE 500 (3): Materials Physics and Chemistry and Chemistry


MSE 465 (3): Structural and Chemical Characterization of Materials


Elective courses: 

SUGS students can select a number of undergrad and graduate level courses (up to 18 credits) within this category/module. 

  • SUGS students may double count up to 9 credit hours of non-required B.S.E. undergrad coursework toward the 18 credit hours. Required undergraduate courses will not be double counted, but courses elected to meet technical or free elective B.S.E. requirements may be double counted.
  • Up to 6 credit hours of the undergrad program can be transferred to the master’s degree and counted toward the 18 credit hours.  
  • All courses to be double counted or transferred are to be approved by the MSE Undergrad Program Advisor.
  • Of the 18 credit hours, up to 8 credit hours may be satisfied by MSE 690 (Research Problems in Materials Science and Engineering). Students taking MSE 690 must submit a research report commensurate with the number of MSE 690 credits taken. This report must be approved by the project supervisor.

SUGS students must enroll in Rackham only for two full terms minimum, paying full tuition