Graduate Courses

Course Title Instructor
MSE500 Materials Physics and Chemistry
MSE510 Materials Chemistry
MSE512 Polymer Physics
MSE514 Composite Materials
MSE515 Mechanical Behavior of Solid Polymeric Materials
MSE516 Mechanics of Thin Films and Layered Materials
MSE517 Advanced Functional Polymers: Molecular Design and Applications
MSE520 Advanced Mechanical Behavior
MSE532 Advanced Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE535 Kinetics, Phase Transformations and Transport
MSE550 Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering
MSE554 Computational Methods in MS&E and ChemE
MSE555 Materials Energy Conversion
MSE556 Molecular Simulation of Materials
MSE559 Foundtions of Nanotechnology II
MSE560 Structure of Materials
MSE562 Electron Microscopy I
MSE563 Biomolecular Engineering of Interfaces
MSE577 Failure Analysis of Materials
MSE583 Biocompatibility of Materials
MSE585 Materials or Metallurgical Design Problem
MSE590 Materials Science and Engineering Research Survey
MSE593 Special Topics in MSE
MSE621 Nuclear Waste Forms
MSE622 Ion Beam Modification and Analysis of Materials
MSE690 Research Problems in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE693 Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE990 Dissertation/Pre-Candidate
MSE995 Dissertation/Candidate
MSE890 Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering