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Student Organizations/Teams

The University of Michigan offers many opportunities to practice and expand your interests and skills, be part of multi-disciplinary teams, meet students across campus, and have an impact. 


The Michigan Materials Society (MMS) is a student-run organization open to all students in the Materials Science and Engineering department or anyone with an interest in materials. During the school year, we hold weekly luncheons, where invited speakers give presentations on materials-related topics. These range from discussions of new technology to case studies related to MSE. This year, the luncheons are held on Fridays from 11:30 am-12:30 pm during fall and 12:30-1:30 pm during winter terms.

Our organization is aimed at giving students, in MSE or any other major, a broader perspective of the MSE field. In addition we host social events such as IM sports, a department-wide picnic in the fall and spring, and student/faculty mixers in order to promote friendship through interaction outside of the classroom.

We also serve as a link to many of the professional materials societies (ASM, TMS, ACers, MRS, etc), offering opportunities for students to get involved with these societies, and attend conferences. 

Nathan Ng


Kayla Byrd

Vice President


Alpha Sigma Mu - Gamma Chapter (ASMu) is the Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) Honor Society at the University of Michigan. ASMu is composed of a select group of MSE undergraduate students who are among the top 25% GPA of the MSE student body. 

We hope that everyone who is eligible joins our ranks in the Alpha Sigma Mu - Gamma Chapter here at the University of Michigan. ASMu is an international Honor Society, and once you become an accepted member of the ASMu - Gamma Chapter you can look forward to professional contacts, intelligent peers, as well as displaying your membership on your resume! 

The Gamma Chapter provides weekly tutoring hours for a variety of MSE classes, especially the 200 level courses. ASMu Gamma is proud of our mentorship program which combines social activities and professional development to promote and assist underclassmen who either have or are considering declaring MSE as their major. The members of Gamma Chapter also assists fellow MSE students through a number of other programs, all of which emphasize developing social opportunities within the department and professionalism in your careers.

The ASMu Executive Board is composed of four members. Direct any questions, comments or concerns to .

Nathan Ng


Rishav Choudhury

Vice President

 Steel Cardoza


Kaitlyn Sallans


Solar Car team


Multi Disciplinary Team


Society of Women Engineers


Michigan Robotics Blacksmithing


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