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What is SUGS?

  • A master's degree combined with a bachelor's degree in 5 years.
  • An opportunity to further your MSE knowledge.
  • An opportunity to expand to another field while gaining an advanced degree.

What SUGS topics are available for Materials Science & Engineering students?

Requirements for the Materials Science & Engineering SUGS

  • 30 credit hours of approved graduate level courses
  • 15 credits of MSE 400/500 courses - Up to 8 credits may be satisfied by MSE 690
  • At least 2 cognate courses
  • A maximum of 9 credits of prior-approved coursework may be double-counted and 6 credits may be transferred if not used toward the 128 UG credits. Only technical electives and/or general electives may be double-counted.  None of the 47 required Materials Science and Engineering credits may be used for the graduate degree. A maximum of 15 credit hours that are double-counted or transferred for graduate credit are allowed.
  • Minimum GPA: 3.2

How do I apply?

  • During senior year: Deadlines are the same every year: October 15 for following Winter admission, January 15 for following Fall admission
  • Complete the MSE Department form
  • Complete the online application


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