Welcome from the Chair

University of Michigan, founded in 1817, will enter into its third century of serving the society as a premier global institution of higher education and research. Advanced engineering materials are the building blocks for modern technologies and sustainability. With world-class undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Materials Science and Engineering, our department is proud to train a diverse workforce of 21st century materials engineers who will champion innovative solutions to the global problems in manufacturing, clean energy, national security, transportation, health care, electronics and consumer products. Our research portfolio is equally strong and balanced between functional and structural materials, and between experimental and computational materials research. Our teaching curriculum incorporates innovative approaches to classroom education and emphasizes experiential learning integrating materials science with design and manufacturing.


If you are a materials engineering professional or want to become one, we look forward to working with you.


Welcome to the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Michigan!


Professor Amit Misra

Department Chair




D. Todd Richardson

Department Manager

Todd Richardson



Professor Steve Yalisove

Undergraduate Program Chair

Steve Yalisove



Associate Professor Anish Tuteja

Graduate Program Chair

Anish Tuteja



Associate Professor Ferdinand Poudeu

Master’s Program Chair

Ferdinand Poudeu