Adjunct Faculty

Samantha Daly, Adjunct Professor

2138 GG Brown

(734) 763-8137

Research lies at the intersection of experimental mechanics and materials science, with an emphasis on using novel methods of experimentation coupled closely with theoretical and computational modeling. Group research focuses on the measurements of microstructural features of materials and the effect of microstructure on meso and macroscopic properties. Currently, the group is engaged in the development of novel methods of multi-scale material characterization, with application to active materials, high temperature ceramics, very high cycle and low cycle fatigue mechanisms, plasticity, fracture, and material behavior at the nano-scale.

Raymond Decker, Adjunct Professor

(734) 995-5550

Alloy design and materials processing are the major fields of interest. Nickel-base superalloys, very high strength Maraging Steels and Magnesium alloys are subsets of this focus. Injection molding of Magnesium alloys is a speciality in the technology of materials processing.

Biomaterials and Highway Research have been additional topics of specialization.

George Graham, Adjunct Professor

Peter Green, Professor

Research conducted in the Green Group's Laboratory for Complex Materials is devoted to developing a fundamental understanding of, and controlling, the structure and properties of "soft" materials for applications that include: energy conversion, active and passive coatings, membranes, sensors and organic electronic and electrorheology.

John Keough, Adjunct Professor

(734) 775-3437