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Why an MSE Minor?

The understanding and selection of materials is a common requirement in many professional engineering disciplines: ME, AERO, NERS, BME, EECS, Naval, CEE, etc. Pursuing a minor in Materials Science and Engineering is a smart way to broaden your skill set and increase your overall marketability.


  • Minimum of 17 credits:
    • MATSCIE 220 (Introduction to Materials and Manufacturing) or MATSCI 250 (Principles of Engineering Materials)
    • MATSCIE 350: Structures of Materials
    • Two MSE courses from the following (please check prerequisites!):
      • MATSCIE 400(3): Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Materials for Modern Device Technology
      • MATSCIE 410(3): Design and Applications of Biomaterials
      • MATSCIE 412(3): Polymeric Materials
      • MATSCIE 440(3): Ceramic Materials
      • MATSCIE 454(3): Computational Approaches in MSE
      • MATSCIE 465(3): Structural and Chemical Characterization of Materials
      • MATSCIE 470(3): Physical Metallurgy
      • MATSCIE 514(3): Composite Materials
    • A 5th MSE course, other than MATSCIE 293, 360, 365, 490 and 493.
  • College of Engineering policy

How do I declare?

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