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Graduate Student Instructor Positions in Materials Science and Engineering
General Information:

The Materials Science and Engineering department hires GSI’s for fall and winter term for discussion and lab sections, and ocaisionally will hire for lecture sections.

Job postings with available sections are posted on this website, circulated by e-mail, and paper copies are posted outside the Graduate Student Coordinator’s office in room 3062 H H Dow.

Information about department GSI postings across the university can be found at the following website:

Fall TermWinter Term
Posting date May 1 November 1
Applications Due May 15 November 15
Hiring decisions made Aug 15 December 15


Postions for Fall 2019:

Available courses: MSE 220, MSE 250, MSE 360

    • General duties include: class contact (teaching a discussion or lab section); attendance at lectures; preparation of lesson plans, class notes, instructional materials; grading; meetings; office hours; examinations; grading.
    • Appointments are estimated to range between 25% (1 section) and 35% effort (2 sections).
    • Minimum qualifications include: background in engineering or sciences; graduate student in good standing; satisfactory score on ELI evaluation (International students only).
    • Selection criteria includes: progress toward degree, previous experience; specific knowledge of the course. MSE Ph.D. Candidates are given priority.
    • Qualified candidates are selected by the course instructor.

    Job postings will be available May 1 for fall and November 1 for winter. Applications are due by July 1 for fall term, and November 15 for winter term. Most hiring decisions will be made by August 15 for fall and December 15 for winter. Notification of hiring decisions will be made to all applicants within fourteen (14) calendar days after the selection process has been completed. Unsuccessful applications will be retained for consideration in the event that there are last minute openings. Upon request, any applicant denied employment will receive, within fourteen (14) calendar days, a written explanation of the reason(s) for denial of employment, unless he or she states a preference for an in-person interview with the hiring agent(s).

    This position, as posted, is subject to a collective bargaining agreement between the Regents of the University of Michigan and the Graduate Employees’ Organization, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO 3550.


    Please submit your application using the link below:

    MSE GSI Application


    The University will not discriminate against any applicant for employment because of age, race, color, gender, religion, disability, height, weight, marital status, national origin, political persuasion or affiliation, sexual orientation, parental or pregnancy status, HIV antibody status, veteran status, membership in any social or political group or any other factor where the item in question will not interfere with job performance and where the employee is otherwise qualified. The University of Michigan agrees to abide by the protections afforded employees with disabilities as outlined in the rules and regulations which implement Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. For further information about the Universitiy’s non-discriminatory policy, please contact the Office of Equity and Diversity Services at 763-0235.


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