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Van Vlack Laboratory 

The Van Vlack Undergraduate Laboratory was established in 2000 and dedicated in 2003 with a gift from the family of Lawrence Van Vlack in order to enhance the learning environment for MSE undergraduates. 

The laboratory is first and foremost an undergraduate facility, available for use in undergraduate courses and research projects. This modern facility boasts an open floor plan to facilitate a variety of laboratory and classroom configurations. It is filled with state of the art characterization and processing equipment used in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. It is exclusively used in all laboratory courses in MSE, and several conventional lecture courses use the computer facilities to enable interactive learning activities. The facilities are also used to host various outreach activities with the participation and support of undergraduate and graduate students.


JoyWorks Studio 

JoyWorks Studio is a metal casting facility run by John Keough. It offers a unique opportunity for MSE students to experience and practice metal casting. 

Joyworks1  Joyworks 2

Michigan Center for Materials Characterization, (MC)2

(MC)2 hosts advanced materials characterization instruments (SEMs, FIBs, TEMs, and more) with dedicated professional staff to answer technical questions, train users, and host workshops. 

Wilson Student Team Project Center

The Wilson Student Team Project Center empowers student teams by providing a facility in which they can experience hands-on development and fabrication, enhance engineering theories, and allow members to use practical applications of knowledge. The Wilson Center furnishes groups with a unique opportunity to interact with one another, share ideas, and showcase their projects.

Fabrication Studio in the Duderstadt Center

The Duderstadt Center's Fabrication Studio provides the U-M community with the resources to transform ideas into physical reality. You will find work surfaces, hand tools, several types of 3D printers, a laser cutter, a small CNC router, a 3D laser scanner, computers, and electronic workbenches ready to handle a variety of activities.