About the MSE GSC

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a student organization with the purpose of bettering the life of the MSE graduate student body. We aim to advocate for MSE graduate students and make sure they feel like they are a part of a community here at Michigan. We do this by focusing on four core areas of the graduate experience: advocacy, social events, career and professional development, and curriculum.

We regularly communicate with the Graduate Chair, Prof. Kioupakis.


GSC Executive Committee

Louise Batta (She/Her)

  • GSC President.
  • My research interests sit at the intersection of polymer interfaces and textiles. Current research projects focus on polymer surface interfaces for anti-fouling and anti-thrombosis in biological systems. Future research interests hope to touch on omniphobic and other textiles.
  • I'm on the club gymnastics team, and coach volleyball at Huron Valley Volleyball Club!
  • lcbatta@umich.edu

Forrest Wissuchek (He/Him)

  • GSC Secretary
  • I study the processing-microstructure-mechanical property relationship in magnetron sputtered multiphase metallic thin films. Advisor: Amit Misra
  • I enjoy walking in the parks around Ann Arbor and cycling.
  • fwissu@umich.edu

Hailey Lovelace (She/Her)

  • GSC Treasurer
  • I study the plasmonic properties of indium nanoparticle arrays. Advisor: Rachel Goldman
  • I enjoy hiking, running, and baking desserts in my spare time.
  • hlovela@umich.edu

Julia Lenef (She/Her)

  • 5th Year Representative
  • I study atomic layer deposition (i.e. fabricating very thin films) of semiconductors for transistors and catalysts for carbon dioxide recycling. Advisor: Neil Dasgupta
  • I am a big fan of baking to my heart’s content, dancing/playing violin, running, adventuring in the outdoors in the form of hiking, backpacking, and climbing.
  • jlenef@umich.edu



Alexandra Moy (She/Her)

  • 4th Year Representative
  • I study the processing-property relationship of oxide solid-state electrolytes. I focus largely on the microstructural, structural, electrochemical, and mechanical properties.
  • I am a big fan of playing soccer, meeting new people, and eating and finding delicious food. 
  • acmoy@umich.edu

Catherine Haslam (She/Her)

  • 3rd Year Representative
  • I study interactions between solid-state electrolytes and lithium metal. Advisor: Jeff Sakamoto
  • I enjoy backpacking, baking, and playing IM sports.
  • haslamc@umich.edu

Avinava Roy (He/Him)

  • 2nd Year Representative
  •  I am trying to recapitulate tissue folding in vitro using hydrogel bilayers. By harnessing mechanical instability through modulating the elastic moduli and deformation extent of my chosen hydrogel system, I am able to generate different forms of folding. This enables me to probe into the cross-talk of cells encapsulated inside and atop the hydrogel system, in response to the generated folding patterns. Eventually, this should lead to a better understanding of the origin and progress of a wide range of diseases like fibrosis, asthma, and atherosclerosis among others.
  •  I love to be minimalist, and when I'm not wearing a lab coat, I can usually be found reading about scientific history, fiction, trying out the food scene, or dabbling on my keyboard.
  • I am a big fan of collecting absolutely unnecessary trivia.  
  • avinavar@umich.edu

Tiernan Baucom (She/Her)

  • 1st Year Representative
  • I do computational research on the thermodynamic and electronic properties of oxide semiconductor alloys. Advisor: Manos Kioupakis
  • In my free time, I love reading, cooking, playing and watching sports, and trying out different restaurants and coffee shops around town.
  • tabaucom@umich.edu

Tathya Shinde (He/Him)

  • 2nd Year Masters Representative
  • I work on developing soft actuation methods using functional polymers. Advisor: Abdon Pena-Francesch
  • I enjoy playing a lot of different sports, especially in IMs with the department teams, and going on random bike rides and evening strolls around Ann Arbor. I'm also an avid FPS and RPG gamer.
  • tshinde@umich.edu

Emily MacInnis (She/Her)

  • 1st Year Masters Representative
  • My research interests lie in novel memory technologies. I’m currently studying resistive random-access memory (ReRAM), which uses oxygen vacancies in metal oxides to store information. Advisor: Yiyang Li 
  • Hobbies: baking, growing plants, art, reading 
  • emacinni@umich.edu

Tolu Lawal (She/Her)

  • Graduate Employees' Organization (GEO) Representative
  • I conduct research on corn stover extractions for the fabrication of viable materials. Advisor: Brian Love
  • Fun Fact: I am a podcast host on the side and love playing golf.
  • lawaltdl@umich.edu

Kyle Bushick (He/Him)

  • GSC Past-President.
  • I use and develop first principles methods to simulate optical and electronic properties of semiconductors. These include optical absorption, carrier mobility, and Auger recombination. Most of our code is written in Fortran! Advisor: Manos Kioupakis
  • I love playing all sorts of games (card, board, video, TTRPG, sports), and have a lot of fun playing intramurals with other MSE students on the Buckyballers and C60 teams.
  • I greatly enjoy cooking and am always on the lookout for new vegetarian recipes!
  • kbushick@umich.edu

Paul Chao (He/Him)

  • GSC Past-Secretary
  • I study the dynamics of eutectic pattern instability during solidification with in-situ x-ray tomography. Advisor: Ashwin Shahani
  • I enjoy playing a variety of sports and doing outdoor activities.
  • pchao@umich.edu

Hongling Lu (She/Her)

  • GSC Past-Treasurer
  • I study the synthesis, growth, properties, and - applications of III-Nitride semiconductors and their polytypes and nanostructures. Advisor: Rachel Goldman
  • I love playing tennis, training at gym, hiking in nature, playing board games, reading under a cozy blanket, creating digital arts whenever inspiration hits, and observing my cat do his own thing.
  • hlingl@umich.edu


Join Us!

  • Any student working for a Professor in the MSE department is part of GSC, come to our meetings and join us as we collectively work to achieve our goals.
  • Contact us at msegsc2022@umich.edu if you have questions or concerns.

MSE Outreach

Are you interested in getting involved with materials science outreach? MSE Outreach is an active group of students and we would love to have your help. If you are interested in helping develop demonstrations, volunteering at the events, or learning more about our other ongoing programs, please contact mseoutreach@umich.edu

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