About the MSE GSC

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a student organization with the purpose of bettering the life of the MSE graduate student body. We aim to advocate for MSE graduate students and make sure they feel like they are a part of a community here at Michigan. We do this by focusing on four core areas of the graduate experience: advocacy, social events, career and professional development, and curriculum.

GSC Representatives

Aaron Gladstein

  • GSC President.
  • Creating high-strength aluminum alloys is an important task for the transportation industry. My research focuses on creating high-strength aluminum metal-ceramic composites that retain their strength at high temperatures. My advisor is Dr. Alan Taub
  • I am a mutant! (2 extra vertebrae, can lock fingers)
  • gladaaro@umich.edu


Brian Tobelmann

  • GSC Treasurer 
  • btobel@umich.edu


Ben Derby

  • GSC Past-President,
  • I study thin film architectures that go beyond monolithic thin film designs using phase separation during co-sputtering. Synthesizing 3D thin film morphologies expands the potential functionality of thin films. Advisor: Amit Misra
  • Often to the groans of my parents, I am an avid thrill-seeker. I am a private pilot and you’ll often see me on my motorcycle. I also love to do fixes and improvements to my Jeep and SV650!
  • benderby@umich.edu

Duncan Greeley

  • Secretary, Outreach Committee Co-Chair
  • My research focuses on developing a mechanistic understanding of the effect of rare earth element additions on the mechanical behavior of magnesium. I utilize advanced in-situ characterization tools to explore mechanical phenomena across broad length scales, as a part of the PRISMS Center. Advisor: John Allison
  • I love to spend time outdoors running, cycling, mountain biking, and sailing.
  • greeleyd@umich.edu


Lydia Mensah

  • 5th year rep, I am from Baton Rouge, LA and am on the professional development committee.
  • I love the lab, studying polymers for use in drug delivery, and am interested in science policy and the global implications of STEM
  • I enjoy cooking, eating, and music. As of late I, have two new cookbooks I'm cooking through.
  • My favorite musical is the Sound of Music!
  • lymensah@umich.edu


Kelsey Steinke

  • 4th Year Representative
  • steinkka@umich.edu


Randy Cheng

  • As 3rd year representative in GSC, I have the pleasure to converse and represent my cohort on various topics from curriculum, graduate student health, and professional development. I'm also a member of GSC's Social Committee. Some of our popular events include the ice cream social, chili cook-off, kickball, and bar crawl.
  • I'm a GSRA in the Taub group. I research various aspects of sheet metal forming.
  • I enjoy a variety of sports (basketball, volleyball, rock climbing), animated & IRL films, and food!
  • Fun fact: I secretly want everyone to get a dog so I can pet them without having to take care of them :D
  • randyjfc@umich.edu


Geordie Lindemann

  • Second year representative and Social Committee Chair
  • I work in the Shahani Group with a focus on eutectic solidification and growth kinetics.
  • I'm big into anime, movies, video and board games, and learning history, and I've been chased down the Acropolis in Athens by a group of stray dogs.
  • lindemge@umich.edu


Sriva Raghavan

  • Master’s Representative
  • I am in Professor Love's group and research interests are with polymers and renewability.
  • Non-research interests- basketball, Boston sports, traveling, board games, movies, and singing!
  • I was born in India and English is my second language!
  • sriva@umich.edu


Vishwas Goel

  • DEI Career and Professional development ally. I help my fellow students in developing their skills for their profession after graduation.
  • I am in the Thornton group. I am interested in modeling electrochemical devices like batteries and fuel cells. I am also interested in using simulations for narrowing down the experimental landscape
  • I enjoy badminton, running, cooking, reading
  • I have won an international pitch competition, and I have traveled to 10 countries!
  • vishwasg@umich.edu


Alex Halvey

  • Mentorship DEI Ally
  • Tuteja Group, I design polymer and composite surfaces for anti-fouling applications, mainly ice removal
  • I play indoor and outdoor soccer in local leagues and spend the rest of my free time with my beautiful beabull (beagle/bulldog) Wilma!
  • akhalvey@umich.edu


Paul Chao

  • GEO Representative
  • Asian American born and raised in the midwest, bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Member of the Shahani group working on eutectic solidification.
  • I enjoy playing sports outdoors, and the UM intramurals -- currently still on the hunt for a IM championship t-shirt.
  • pchao@umich.edu

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