Tim Chambers, Instructional Labs Supervisor & Adjunct Lecturer

2224C H.H. Dow

(734) 647-9631

Tim's is responsible for managing the Van Vlack Undergraduate Laboratory and teaching the junior lab classes MSE 360 and 365.  His other duties include maintaining equipment, conducting trainings, and running outreach events and demonstrations.  He is available to assist faculty, staff, and students with instructional and facilities needs.

Chris Cristian, Intermediate Desktop Support Specialist

2215 HH Dow

(734) 764-3357

Chris assists in all of the computing needs for the faculty and staff of the department, particularly in the use of Windows and Macintosh operating systems. He also assists in any computing needs for the Van Vlack laboratory and is available to answer any computer related questions or problems. He also administers the departmental backup server, and helps keep departmental machines updated.

Sahar Farjami, Engineering Technician

2224B HH Dow

(734) 647-1099

Sahar is responsible for repair, maintenance and training users, including undergraduate and graduate students, on proper use of laboratory equipment.  Sahar participates in continuous process improvement efforts in the VanVlack labs and assists other team members and students as needed.

Shelley Fellers, Administrative Assistant

3074 HH Dow

(734) 764-2383
Shelley is responsible for sorting mail and maintaining mailboxes, shipping and receiving packages, online ordering (Fisher, Sigma Aldrich, OfficeMax, etc.) room reservations, copiers in 3074 Dow, parking permits and coordinates the MSE Colloquium.
Cassandra Franklin-Smith, HR Assistant

3074D H.H. Dow

(734) 764-4659

Cassandra provides support to Department in areas of Human Resources. Responsibilities include processing staffing and personnel records, as well as handling compensation, benefits and training.  She provides assistance with visa, I-9 and other employment documentation processing.

Kristen Freshley, Marketing Communications Specialist

3062C HH Dow

(734) 647-2548

Kristen is responsible for Marketing and Communications for the Department.  She is a liaison with our faculty research groups to communicate the developments in research to various audiences.  She handles the newsletter and content published via website and social media channels.  She handles marketing of activities and events through engaging alumni, faculty, students and others. 

Renee Hilgendorf, Graduate Program Advisor

3062D HH Dow

(734) 763-9790

Renee handles all aspects of the Graduate Program for the MSE Dept. (academic advising, graduate student fellowships and GSRA funding oversight, benefits, GSI assignments and recruiting and admissions.) Renee works with the Graduate PhD and Master's Committees, and assists with other departmental administrative work as needed. 

Amy Holihan, Research Process Manager

3074C H.H. Dow

(734) 936-0174

Amy is responsible for providing expert management and coordination of all aspects of research administration for the department.   

Amy supports the research administration needs for the following faculty: Rachel Goldman, John Halloran, Robert Hovden, Wayne Jones, Alan Taub, and Katsuyo Thornton.  She is also the point of contact for all ALMMII/LIFT projects.

Ellen Hou, Contract & Grant Specialist

2130 HH Dow

(734) 764-3377

Ellen is responsible for proposal preparation, account reconciliation and monitoring research expenses, and general support to faculty.  Ellen supports the research administration needs for the following faculty:  John Kieffer, Jinsang Kim, Manos Kioupakis, Richard Laine, Brian Love, Emmanuelle Marquis, Joanna Millunchick, Liang Qi, Kathleen Sevener, and Ashwin Shahani.

Debbie Johnson, Purchasing Clerk

2142 HH Dow

(734) 763-9425

Debbie processes purchase orders for MSE, processes reimbursements for faculty, students and guests, processes P-Card’s for Faculty, and administrative support to the Department.

M,T,W.........purchase orders are faxed / emailed to vendors
Thursday.....process reimbursement(s) for out of pocket expenses, for Faculty, Students, Guests
Friday.........process PCARD(s)

Ellen Kampf, Administrative Assistant

3062 H.H. Dow

(734) 615-2504

Ellen provides administrative support for Professor Taub and Professor Allison.

Kathleen Kuhn, Contract & Grant Specialist

2158A H. H. Dow

(734) 615-4780

Kathy is responsible for proposal preparation, account reconciliation and monitoring research expenses, and general support to faculty.

Kathy supports the research administration needs for the following faculty
John Allison, John Heron, Geeta Mehta, Amit Misra, Ferdinand Poudeu-Poudeu, Max Shtein, Kai Sun, Anish Tuteja, George Wynarksy, and Steve Yalisove
Tina Longenbarger, Executive Secretary

3062 H.H. Dow

(734) 763-2445

Provides administrative assistance the the Chair of the department.  Serves as primary liaison between the Chair's office and all interned external constituents, manages the process for faculty promotions, reviews, faculty searches and faculty leaves.

Keith McIntyre, Senior Facilities Engineer

2231A HH Dow

(734) 763-7893
Keith handles department facilities-related issues. He is responsible for the care and maintenance of department equipment in the metallography, thermal processing, and mechanical testing laboratories; and can offer instruction in the use and care of those items.
Ying Qi, Senior Research Project Engineer


(734) 764-3303

Ying is in charge of maintenance, service and repair of testing instruments and research equipment including electronics, vacuum systems, computer-based systems, mechanical testing equipment, etc. She help you with your electrical circuitry and electronics problems. She can also assist you to design test instruments to meet your specific research needs. She is also responsible for the operation of the SEM and X-Ray diffraction facilities in room 2219. Anyone wishing to use these facilities must be trained and approved by her before using the equipment. Ying also spends a lot of her time in (MC)2.

Todd Richardson, Department Administrator

3062E H.H. Dow

(734) 647-3740

Todd handles business operations for the Department.  This includes working closely with the Chair on issues,  handling immigration visas for MSE faculty, staff and exchange visitors.  He provides oversight and review of department financial, research and human resources matters.  He is the department liaison to the Dean’s administrative office in the College of Engineering.

Patti Vogel, Undergraduate Program Advisor

2146A HH Dow

(734) 764-3275

Patti handles all aspects of the Undergraduate Program. She also works with the Undergraduate Committee on program and Van Vlack Lab issues. Patti also provides secretarial support for faculty, and assists with other departmental administrative work as needed.

Kevin Worth, Senior IT Administrator

2224A HH Dow

(734) 936-0173

Kevin takes care of the network in the MSE department, and maintains all department-owned computers. He runs the MSE web, database, and backup servers. He can also recommend software for research use and specify and purchase new computers and software.