Michael Thouless

Professor of Mechanical Engineering


2282 GG Brown
T: (734) 763-5289




B. A. (Engineering), Cambridge University, 1981 (M. A. awarded 1985)
M. S. (Materials Science), University of California, Berkeley, 1982
Ph. D. (Materials Science), University of California, Berkeley, 1984



The use of micro-mechanics to understand the mechanical properties of materials. Previous research has included the creep of ceramics, toughening of ceramic-matrix composites, stresses in thin films and electromigration. Current interests include toughening mechanisms in polymeric materials, and the machining of brittle materials.

Understanding the mechanics of thin films, coatings, layered materials and interfaces is a second major research area. Previous work in this area has involved investigating mixed-mode fracture of interfaces, cracking of coatings, spalling and the mechanics of buckling-driven delamination. Current interests include the mechanical properties of adhesive joints. Of particular interest is the development of techniques to predict the failure of adhesive joints when there is extensive plastic deformation in the adherends. I am also interested in understanding the mechanical properties of adhesives so that tougher and stronger joints can be developed for different applications.