Tim Chambers

Lecturer III


2014 H.H. Dow
T: (734) 647-9631


B.S. Physics, University of Michigan (2006)
Ph.D. Physics, University of Arizona (2014)


My current focus is teaching the junior-level MSE labs, 360 and 365, and the MSE section of Introduction to Engineering (ENGR100). I have assisted with developing and teaching content for the introductory MSE classes 220/250 and 242. Prior to teaching at Michigan, I taught a variety of undergraduate physics and astronomy courses and high school physics, math, and music.

My research primarily investigates teaching and learning in STEM fields, particularly in lab-based and experiential learning environments. I also have experience working in research-based curriculum design and in psychometric and statistical methods for rigorously quantifying teaching and learning outcomes. Additionally, I am interested in materials archaeology and historical materials technologies.