When 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Oct 30, 2009
Where 1670 CSE
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Extreme Environment-Tolerant Materials via Atomic Scale Design of Interfaces

Michael Nastasi, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Our new Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC), entitled Extreme Environment-Tolerant Materials via Atomic Scale Design of Interface responds to two grand challenges put forward by Basic Energy Sciences: How do we design and perfect atom and energy-efficient syntheses of revolutionary new forms of matter with tailored properties?; and How do we characterize and control matter away-especially very far away-from equilibrium? This Center recognizes that the challenge to developing materials with radically extended performance limits at irradiation and mechanical extremes will require designing and perfecting atomand energy- efficient synthesis of revolutionary new materials that maintain their desired properties while being driven very far from equilibrium. We have developed a set of common science issues that will drive our science focus and serve as the unifying foundation of this center. These scientific issues include: 1) Absorption and recombination of point and line defects at interface; 2) Morphological and chemical stability of interfaces; 3) Interface-driven mechanical response. By addressing these issues we will develop a fundamental understanding of how atomic structure and energetics of interfaces contribute to defect and damage evolution in materials, and use this information to design nanostructured materials with tailored response at irradiation and mechanical extremes. This presentation will focus on the preliminary research that was carried out to establish this EFRC.