When 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Sep 26, 2008
Where 1670 CSE
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Advanced Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

Shirley Meng, Univeristy of Florida

Our research focuses on the direct integration of experimental techniques with computation modeling methods for rational materials characterization and design for advanced energy storage and conversion applications. Lithium ion batteries are considered to be one of the most promising solutions for environment-friendly transportation. They offer high energy density, flexible lightweight design and a longer cycle life than other battery systems. However the state-of-art cathode materials for lithium ion batteries are cobalt based oxides, which are expensive, toxic, less safe and have poor rate capability for high power applications (such as hybrid electric vehicle HEV, plug-in HEV etc.). I will demonstrate how to combine knowledge-guided synthesis/characterization and ab initio materials design/optimization to develop new higher energy/power density cathode materials for lithium ion batteries with fewer iteration steps. Secondly, I’ll show how we study the transport property and electrochemical performance of a new electrode material with superior high energy, fabricated by pulsed laser deposition. Finally, I will briefly talk about the new in situ experimental techniques being developed in our group, to understand the real-time structural changes during electrochemical processes. Experiment and computation are complimentary in nature and the hybrid approach has a significant impact on changing the traditional trial-and-true way of materials design. It accelerates the pace and efficiency in developing new energy storage/conversion materials.

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