11 students win poster awards at MMRI Symposium

The awards were announced at the 2nd annual Michigan Materials Research Institute (MMRI) Symposium March 30.
11 students win poster awards at MMRI Symposium

MMRI Symposium winners include: Zhenghao Zhang, Jianxian Li, Zhucong Xi, Arkajit Ghosh, Jonathan Goettsch, Catherine Haslam and Paul Chao. Not pictured: Marcel Chlupsa (and Archi Agrawal), Alexa Goldstein, Joshua Willwertha and Madison Forstner

Eleven MSE students - both graduate and undergraduate - won poster presentation awards at the 2nd annual MMRI Symposium on March 29-30.

The winners include:

Gold ($500)
Paul Chao: "In operando synchrotron x-ray tomography study of fine eutectic polyphase solidification patterns"

Jingxian Li: "Thermodynamic Orgin of Nonvolatility in Resistive Memory"

Silver ($250)
Zhucong Xi: "Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations for Solute Clustering in Multicomponent Al Alloys"

Zenghao Zhang: "Self-healing and reconfigurable protein-based magnetic actuators"

Catherine Haslam: "Stable Li Plating in Anode-Free Solid-state Batteries Enabled by Seeded Li Nucleation"

Bronze ($100)
Marcel Chlupsa, with Archi Agrawal: "Dynamics of strain-energy-driven grain growth"

Jonathan Goettsch: "Secondary Phase Refinement in Molten Aluminum via Low Power Electric Current Processing"

Arkajit Ghosh: "Plastic co-deformation of Aluminum and Silicon in a laser rapid solidified Sr modified hypereutectic Al-Si alloy"

Alexa Goldstein: "Developing Icephobic Surfaces for Aircraft Industry Applications"

Joshua Willwerth: "Rapid Estimation of the Liquidus Curve from DFT

Madison Forstner: "The Flow Properties of Snake Venom: How Venom Adapts to Fang Morphologies"

Congratulations to all!