2009 Imaging Microstructure Contest Winners

2009 Imaging Microstructure Contest Winners

Scientific Merit winner (left), submitted by Alejandro Perez-Bergquist, and Artistic Merit winner (right) submitted by Laura Ligeski.

The department is pleased to announce below the winners of the 2009 Imaging Microstructure Contest. The Grand Prize winners are Alejandro Perez-Bergquist (Scientific Merit) and Laura Ligeski (Artistic Merit).  Over sixty individuals entered a total of seventy-five images for consideration. The panel of judges: Justin Scanlon, MSE; John Mansfield, MSE/EMAL, Steve Yalisove, MSE and Richard Hackel, Director of Ophthalmic Photography, UMHHC Ophthalmology, are sincerely thanked for their efforts. All winning entries can be seen here and an exhibit of images will be mounted in the Van Vlack Undergraduate Lab to help kick off the start of the fall term.

Category Winners

Category I
Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy

  1. Damien Stonick
  2. Richard R. Lunt
  3. Qiaona Hu

Category II
TEM, X-ray Imaging and Surface Probe Techniques

  1. Christopher Nelson
  2. Lee Sears
  3. Michael Katz

Category III
Simulated Microstructures as Products of Computational Materials Science

  1. Victor Chan
  2. Nick Patterson
  3. Chloe Funkhouser

Category IV
Digitally Enhanced or Colorized Images of Microstructures

  1. Jungwoo Lee
  2. Kevin Grossklaus
  3.  (tie) Alex Perez-Bergquist and Laura Ligeski