Congratulations to our Engineering Graduate Symposium winners!

Congratulations to our Engineering Graduate Symposium winners!

MSE winners from this year's Engineering Graduate Symposium: Ben Derby, Jill Wenderott, Catherine Snyder, Anurag Panda, Talia Barth, and Bryan Van Saders

Kudos to six MSE graduate students who were winners at this year's Engineering Graduate Symposium, held November 10. The Engineering Graduate Symposium is a College-wide event focusing on doctoral and master’s students’ research.  Entrants chose a technical track and submitted an abstract and a poster, which were then evaluated for originality, scientific merits, structure, and clarity of composition. Submissions were reviewed by at least two independent faculty members (judges) working in the same or similar research areas.

MSE winners include:

Ben Derby - 1st prize, Chemical Physics

Jill Wenderott - 1st prize, Functional Material Research

Catherine Snyder - 2nd prize, Functional Material Research

Anurag Panda - 6th prize, Optics, Photonics, and Solid-State Devices

Talia Barth - 2nd prize, Structural Material Research

Bryan Van Saders - 3rd prize, Structural Material Research