Falon Fletcher attends NSBE Conference

Senior Falon Fletcher was part of a Michigan Engineering contingent that attended the 49th Annual Convention in Kansas City.
Falon Fletcher attends NSBE Conference

MSE senior Falon Fletcher (left) attended the 49th annual NESBE Convention with a large U-M engineering contingent (pictured, right).

MSE senior Falon Fletcher attended the National Society of Black Engineers (NESBE) "I am S.T.E.P." Conference in Kansas City, Mo. March 22-16, which she called "an enriching and fulfilling experience." 

"It was a joy to network with other individuals of similar background and collectively improve our professional skills," Fletcher relayed. "The opportunity to attend the career fair was particularly rewarding as I had three interviews and made connections with potential employers."

The 49th Annual Convention is a four-day constitutional event with over 10,000 attendees and a 300+ company career fair. During the Annual Convention, the Society conducts organizational business, elects national and regional leaders, holds competitions and provides professional and personal development (including workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, work-life balance, career panels, etc.), and networking activities. 

"The presence of numerous Black engineers who spoke at the conference added further value to the experience, and their stories were truly inspiring," Fletcher added. "As an active participant, I had the opportunity to vote in the new regional and national executive boards, contributing to the shaping of the organization's future.

"I would like to thank the materials science and engineering department and alumni for the funding that allowed me to partake in the trip and enjoy myself this past weekend," she continued. "Overall, the National Society of Black Engineering Conference was an unforgettable experience that enriched my personal and professional growth, and I look forward to attending future conferences as a professional rather than a student."