Jingxian Li and Jinhong Min honored with 2023 MRS Graduate Student Awards

Li and Min received the honor for their outstanding efforts to advance memory devices and batteries, respectively.
Jingxian Li and Jinhong Min honored with 2023 MRS Graduate Student Awards

PhD students Jingxian Li and Jinhong Min, recipients of 2023 MRS Graduate Student Awards

MSE is pleased to announce that PhD students Jingxian Li and Jinhong Min each recently received a 2023 Graduate Student Award from the Materials Research Society (MRS). Both honorees are founding members of Assistant Professor Yiyang Li’s research group.

Broadly considered the highest honor an MSE student can receive from MRS, the Graduate Student Awards are intended to “honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high level of excellence and distinction.”

Li and Min received the awards after presenting talks at the 2023 MRS Fall Meeting on November 28 in Boston.

Li, who’d like to pursue a career in academia, explains his research focus: “My research aims to answer the fundamental question of why resistive random-access memory (ReRAM), a near-commercial memory technology, is able to store non-volatile information. We show for the first time that spinodal decomposition, rarely considered in memory devices, provides the fundamental mechanism that enables ReRAM to retain information, its most important function. We also demonstrate that phase separation enables the development of new memory devices that are stable at 500C, which is beyond what is capable in other memory devices.”

“Being honored with this award not only recognizes my efforts, but also paves the way for networking, collaboration opportunities, and further advancements in my career,” said Li. “It is also a testament to the invaluable support and guidance I've received from my advisor, collaborators, department, and university. Winning this award serves as encouragement, motivating me to persist in my pursuit of scientific exploration and innovation in materials research.”

Min’s research involves charging and discharging individual battery particles to try to understand their fundamental mechanisms. “It has been believed that the cracking in cathode particles is only detrimental for Li-ion batteries, especially in the perspective of cell capacity degradation,” explained Min. “Contrary to the belief, I figured out that cracking is an enabler for the fast (dis)charging of Li-ion batteries. I discovered it thanks to our novel high-throughput single-particle electrochemistry platform.”

“The Materials Research Society meeting is one of the most well-attended conferences for graduate students who are pursuing a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering,” commented Min. “On top of that, we were the first recipients from the University of Michigan since 2019. It is an honor to be able to enhance the reputation of the University of Michigan again with my colleague, Jingxian Li.”

"Jingxian and Jinhong took up the challenge of joining a brand-new research group in 2020 and 2021, and launched our research program in microelectronics and batteries, respectively,” said Yiyang Li of his proteges. “I am so happy to see that they have both been recognized with this prestigious award and hope that more students in our department will apply for this award in future MRS meetings to both recognize their achievements and to help promote our department."