Joanna Millunchick Named Bicentennial Professor

Joanna Millunchick Named Bicentennial Professor

Professor Joanna Millunchick

President Mark Schlissel has appointed distinguished faculty leaders to lead the planning and development of the Presidential Bicentennial Colloquia series, as well as surrounding activities and discussions. These faculty members are tasked with commemorating and celebrating the University’s distinguished 200-year history while also deeply and meaningfully exploring various topics related to the future of the University.


Materials Science and Engineering professor Joanna Millunchick has been named one of the Bicentennial Professors, organizing the colloquium The Future Place of the University.


"Exploring the meaning behind being a place-based, residential university entering its third century, this colloquium examines what is special and unique about the residential experience — bringing together students, faculty and staff from different areas and putting them next to one another.

It explores the multiple functions of the university and how the university’s learning experiences can be designed to take advantage of the co-location of different people and different functions. What are the various places of the university — locally, national and globally — and how do they fit together in an overall mission?

How do we create places designed for third-century learning and pursuit of knowledge, and how should the physical places and spaces of the university link to the digital spaces of the university?"