Joanna Millunchick receives College of Engineering John F. Ullrich Education Excellence Award

Joanna Millunchick receives College of Engineering John F. Ullrich Education Excellence Award

Associate Professor Joanna Millunchick

Joanna Mirecki Millunchick has distinguished herself as a tireless proponent of sophisticated instructional technologies, an innovator in curriculum development and a committed educator. She continually seeks new ways to enhance student learning and shares her techniques and findings with colleagues university- and nationwide.

Since joining the faculty in 1997, Professor Mirecki Millunchick has explored ways to incorporate technology into lectures and coursework in new ways. Recently, she examined the use of screencasts, web-based lecture recordings, audio discussions and solution sets for homework, as well as videos explaining conceptually difficult topics. Rigorous assessments have shown that screencasts effectively supplement lecture material, particularly in large courses, and their use directly correlates with statistically significant improvements in student performance. Her research also found that students from underrepresented groups and those with majors least similar to materials science are the most frequent users of screencasts.

Professor Mirecki Millunchick has developed Physics of Materials (MSE 242) and Materials Science of Thin Films (MSE 505). She has led The Engineering Profession (ENGR 110) for the past five years, and she earns consistently high evaluation scores. She takes time to train graduate student instructors in pedagogical issues and treats them as potential faculty. She also leads a College committee on instructional technology, focused on how students learn and how to design technologies to support them.

The work of Professor Mirecki Millunchick draws national attention. She was invited by the National Academy of Engineering to present her work at the Academy's most recent Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium.