Manos Kioupakis receives NSF CAREER Award

Manos Kioupakis receives NSF CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Manos Kioupakis

Assistant Professor Manos Kioupakis has been awarded the Early Faculty Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation for the investigation of quantum processes in bulk and nanostructured semiconductors with first-principles calculations.


Quantum processes play a crucial role in the operation of modern electronic, optoelectronic, and thermoelectric devices. Theoretical studies can provide insight into the microscopic mechanisms that govern quantum processes in materials but are inaccessible to experiment. First-principles methods based on density functional theory enable the predictive calculation of the electronic properties of materials entirely from theory, without empirical or adjustable parameters.


This CAREER award, supported by funds from the Division of Advanced Computing Infrastructure and the Division of Materials Research, will allow Kioupakis to develop an integrated research and educational program focused on quantum processes in technologically important bulk and nanostructured semiconductors. This study will provide valuable insight on the nature and significance of microscopic quantum processes in electronic and thermoelectric materials. Studies of optical absorption by free carriers and nonradiative Auger recombination will elucidate the microscopic nature of these parasitic quantum processes and their role in the operation and efficiency of optoelectronic devices.


The research program will be integrated with educational activities through the incorporation of numerical calculations and computer simulations in the classroom. Computer codes for the predictive theoretical calculation of quantum processes will be created and shared with the educational and research communities with the intent to contribute to software reuse and the software cyberinfrastructure of the materials research community.