Materials Research Symposium winners announced

More than 35 participants from across the College showcased their impressive materials research at the 4th annual event.
Materials Research Symposium winners announced

2019 Materials Research Symposium winners: Ben Derby (Misra), Gold - oral presentations, Peter Meisenheimer (Heron), Gold - oral presentations, and Catherine Snyder (Tuteja and Mehta) - Silver, poster presentations.

MSE congratulates all the award winners from the 4th Annual Materials Research Symposium, held Friday, November 22. The symposium was open to graduate and undergraduate students across campus at U-M engaged in materials research. Thanks to all for your participation!
GOLD - Ben Derby, MSE (Misra), “Engineering Bicontinuous Interfaces for Enhanced Mechanical Behavior.”

GOLD - Peter Meisenheimer, MSE (Heron), “Epitaxially engineered, enhanced magnetostriction in a strain-driven composite multiferroic.”

SILVER - Krystal Acosta, AERO (Inman), “Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting using Macro-fiber Composites;” Wonjin Choi, MSE (Kotov), “Terahertz circular dichroism spectroscopy of biomaterials enabled by kirigami polarization modulators;” Mohammad Kazemi, AERO (Shaw), “A Biomimetic Robotic Jellyfish Based on Shape Memory Alloy Springs;” and Kelsey Mengle, MSE (Kioupakis), “Rutile germanium dioxide: A competitive yet unexplored ultrawide-band-gap semiconductor for high-power electronics.”

GOLD - Saman Moniri, ChE (Shahani), "Emergence of two-phase spirals via multi-step crystallization."

SILVER - Kathleen Chou, MSE (Marquis), "Precipitation kinetics and mechanical behavior of oxygen-stabilized metastable beta Ti-Nb alloys;" Catherine Snyder, MSE (Tuteja and Mehta), "Fabrication of non-spherical and multiphasic particles with independent control of particle size, shape and chemistry;" and Li-Jen Yu, MSE (Marquis), "Irradiation effect on the precipitation behavior of a commercial Ni-based alloy."

BEST UNDERGRADUATE POSTER - Alexandra Pine, MSE (Love), "Dehydration of Superabsorbent Polymer by Centrifugation."

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