Spreading AI the excitement of science to the next generation

Streaming live metal casting demonstrations, the GSC Outreach teams share the lesson of thermodynamics and more with students in Detroit.
Spreading AI the excitement of science to the next generation

Ph.D. student Geordie Lindemann gives students a close-up view of aluminum as it cools while Jonathan Goettsch looks on.

On May 19 and 20, members of the Graduate Student Council (GSC) conducted a virtual lesson, "Thermodynamics: Learn Al About It," to 10th and 11th graders at Detroit's Renaissance High School.
"The lesson did a dive into fundamental concepts of thermodynamics such as enthalpy, entropy, and phases in materials through a live demonstration of aluminum (Al) metal casting," said Ph.D. candidate and GSC Outreach Coordinator Brian Iezzi.
Graduate student volunteers guided students through calculating the latent heat of fusion of the aluminum from live temperature data collected from the casting, and fielded fielded both questions about thermodynamics -- as well as ones not related to science.
"Their teacher, Dr. Bridges, thanked us for giving our time and also for addressing some of the kids’ questions about what the transition from high school to college is like, and advice for their academics when they get to college."
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