Nine earn graduate symposium awards

Nine earn graduate symposium awards

2017 graduate symposium winners from top left: Alan Olvera, Mathew Boban, Chengang Ji, Saeed Kazemiabnavi, Anurag Panda, Will LePage, Chen Li, Aeriel Murphy, and Jill Wenderott

Congratulations to all the award winners announced at the 2nd Annual Materials Research Symposium on October 17. This year the symposium was open to all U-M graduate students engaged in materials research. Award winners will be officially recognized at the annual MSE Graduation and Awards Banquet in April.

Oral Presentations 

Gold Award ($500)

Alan Olvera

Research Advisor: Ferdinand Poudeu

Title:  Partial Indium Solubility Induces Chemical Stability and Colossal Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in Cu2Se


Silver Awards ($400)

Mathew Boban, Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Research Advisor: Anish Tuteja

Title:  Designing Self-Healing Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Exceptional Mechanical Durability


Chengang Ji, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Advisor: L.Jay Guo

Title:  Large-scale Flexible Transparent Electrodes Using High- performance Doped Silver Films


Saeed Kazemiabnavi, Mechanical Engineering

Research Advisor: Katsuyo Thornton

Title:  Unveiling the Intercalation Mechanism in Core-Shell Cathode Particles for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries


Anurag Panda

Research Advisor: Stephen Forrest

Title:  Fundamentals and Applications of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Semiconductors


Poster Presentations

Gold Award ($300)

William LePage, Mechanical Engineering

Research Advisors: Samantha Daly and John Shaw

Title:  The Influence of Phase Transformation on Shape Memory Alloy Fatigue and Fracture


Silver Awards ($250)

Chen Li, Mechanical Engineering

Research Advisor: Kevin Pipe

Title: High thermal conductivity in electrostatically engineered polymers


Aeriel Murphy, Materials Science & Engineering

Research Advisor: John Allison

Title: The Recrystallization Behavior of Unalloyed Mg and a Mg-Al Alloy


Jill Wenderott, Materials Science & Engineering

Research Advisor: Peter Green

Title: Electronic properties at the polymer/conductor interface: effect of polymer morphology