Poudeu earns Faculty Outstanding Accomplishment Award

Associate Professor Ferdinand Poudeu was selected for his impactful research, teaching, and contributions to the MSE Department.
Poudeu earns Faculty Outstanding Accomplishment Award

CONGRATULATIONS to Associate Professor Pierre Ferdinand Poudeu, who was selected as the 2019 recipient of the MSE Faculty Outstanding Accomplishment Award. 

The award is presented annually to a faculty member for his or her stellar performance in materials research and teaching, and service to the department. A single recipient is chosen every year by the department chair.

"Professor Poudeu has built a strong research program," says MSE chair Amit Misra. "His work is supported by DOE-BES and NSF-DMR and other sponsors in the area of solid-state chemistry and nanostructured energy materials via synthesis of novel mixed metal chalcogenides involving metals such as copper, selenium, and titanium for the next generation of high-efficiency, low-cost, environmentally friendly solar cells and thermoelectric materials.

"He has served MSE through his teaching and service on different committees," adds Misra. "His leadership as chair of the MSE master’s program committee has lead to a significant increase in the program's enrollment and diversity."

Poudeu will receive the award at the MSE graduation dinner in April and will be recognized by the Dean of Engineering at the annual CoE faculty honors banquet, also this spring.