Professor Steve Yalisove awarded Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize

Professor Steve Yalisove awarded Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize

Professor Steve Yalisove

Professor Steve Yalisove developed one of five U-M faculty projects that demonstrate fresh approaches to advance student learning will be recognized May 5 as winners of the sixth annual Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize.

The award is sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, and the U-M Library.


"These projects offer effective new ways to increase student engagement with and mastery of course material," said Provost Martha Pollack. "The faculty's commitment to improving student learning is a real strength of the university."


Dropping Lecture and Summative Exams to Accelerate Deep Learning

Lecture can be dropped by creating environments that promote peer instruction by using digital technology, small group work, bringing one's own device, audience response systems, problem-based learning, and visually rich activities including video.


Yalisove measured the learning improvement in lecture and in non-lecture sections of the same course by tagging questions on the midterms and final exams. He found that students scored between 10 and 19 points higher on exam questions based on material presented in active learning sessions compared to traditional lecture.


The potential impact is that a simple method has been developed along with a set of resources — rubrics, problem-based learning templates, tips on how to convince publishers to provide PDFs of their books and more — to allow a faculty member to easily transform their course.


"The structure of this course gave me the opportunity to interact with the teaching staff and the students at a far deeper level than any course I had taken before. It was through the interactions with the teaching staff and my fellow peers that I developed a conceptual understanding of the course material," wrote Sharmin Begum, undergraduate engineering student.


Watch a video about the course below.