Eight MSE Faculty Have Projects Funded by MCubed

Eight MSE Faculty Have Projects Funded by MCubed


Akram Boukai, Jinsang Kim, Manos Kioupakis and Brian Love are leading projects in the innovated MCubed program. MCubed is a two-year seed-funding program designed to empower interdisciplinary teams of University of Michigan faculty to pursue new initiatives with major societal impact.


The MSE-related projects are:


Characterizing the efficacy of corneal crosslinking (CXL) therapy - MSE faculty is Brian Love
Novel Dark Matter Detectors Using Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology - MSE faculty is Rachel Goldman
Structure-Property Relationships of Novel Oxides for Li-Ion Batteries - MSE faculty are Manos Kioupakis and Xiaoqing Pan
Thin Nanostructured Silicon Solar Cells Using Optical Confinement - MSE faculty are Akram Boukai and Anish Tuteja

Conjugated Polymers with Directed Alignment Property for Organic Photovoltaic Cell Application - MSE faculty are Jinsang Kim and Peter Green


Mcubed minimizes the time between idea conception and successful research results by providing immediate startup funds for novel, high-risk and transformative research projects. The funds are intended to generate data for groundbreaking, high-impact publications, or preliminary results for new, innovative research proposals. The program also includes high-visibility, campus-wide research symposia to showcase the resulting groundbreaking research.


MCubed characteristics are:


  • Multidisciplinary – Taking advantage of UM’s excellence across breadth.
  • Collaborative – Three researchers from at least two different units.
  • Unreviewed – No formal review; peers approve by agreeing to “cube.”
  • Bold – Drives risk-taking in innovative and interdisciplinary research.
  • Exciting – High-profile, campus-wide symposia to present results.
  • Distributed – Funding from PIs, units, Provost, and Rackham.



More information on the MCubed program at http://mcubed.umich.edu