McIntyre and Vogel receive 2021 CoE Staff Incentive Awards

Keith McIntyre and Patti Vogel were both recognized with Staff Incentive Awards for above-and-beyond service during the pandemic.
McIntyre and Vogel receive 2021 CoE Staff Incentive Awards

Senior facilities engineer Keith McIntyre and undergraduate program advisor Patti Vogel

Two MSE staff members were recently recognized by the College of Engineering for outstanding service during the pandemic. Senior facilities engineer Keith McIntyre and undergraduate program advisor Patti Vogel each received a 2021 Staff Incentive Award.

Initiated in 2018, the CoE Staff Incentive Awards recognize staff who consistently demonstrate the College's vision, mission and values. After a hiatus in 2020, the awards were back this year with 80 staff recognized across the College.

"It is a recognition that our core values aren’t something we think about only on special occasions,” said Debbie Mero, Senior Executive Director of Resource Planning and Management. “They are instrumental to achieving our vision. We need to live our values every day, and recognize and reward those who exemplify them.”

According to his award statement, McIntyre received the recognition in large part for implementing and enforcing department-wide safety measures during the pandemic. Over the last two years, Keith has led the laboratory and building Covid safety protocols in HH Dow. In particular, in Summer 2020 before vaccinations were even available, Keith would personally patrol Dow's hallways and maintain safety precautions. He also coordinated the Responsiblue gates, setting up entry checks in both GG Brown and Dow. In addition to his work on ensuring building safety, McIntyre also helped four assistant professors set up research labs, and found ways to navigate supply chain and labor issues, ensuring that faculty members' research could continue unabated.

As the MSE undergraduate program advisor, Vogel was cited as "the glue that holds our undergraduate program together." When the pandemic set in and caused massive disruption in students' lives, Vogel stepped up and helped our students deal with the circumstances and stay on track. During the past two years, Vogel has ensured that no matter how the mode of instruction changed (from virtual back to in-person), the students were equipped with the information they needed to register and enroll in the appropriate courses. Her professional yet caring attitude extended beyond just academic guidance as she assisted them in navigating many decisions that affect their present and future. During the pandemic, the department underwent a change in the undergraduate faculty advisor role and for a few months she was the only advisor. Vogel is credited for the reason that the transition to a new faculty advisor was smooth and seamless.   

Congratulations to both Keith and Patti!!