Wayne Jones to help ADVANCE efforts

Wayne Jones to help ADVANCE efforts

Professor Wayne Jones

Wayne Jones, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, has been appointed associate director of the U-M ADVANCE Project and director of the ADVANCE Project in the College of Engineering (CoE), beginning September 2007.

Jones will work closely with David Munson, CoE dean, Tony England, associate dean, and Abby Stewart, director of the U-M ADVANCE Project, to continue to improve efforts leading to the successful recruitment, retention and promotion of women and underrepresented minority faculty.

"Recruiting, retaining and supporting a faculty that is excellent and diverse is essential to the University of Michigan. The ADVANCE Project is integral to our success in this area," says Provost Teresa Sullivan. "I am pleased that Professor Jones is assuming a leadership role in ADVANCE. His knowledge and commitment to this work will strengthen our efforts in the College of Engineering and in other schools and colleges as well as contributing to national efforts."

Stewart says this appointment "is extremely exciting for ADVANCE because it offers us new leadership on North Campus on the issues of expanding the diversity and excellence of our faculty and students, and providing the entire community with a warmer and more inclusive climate."

"In providing this leadership," Stewart says, "Wayne can draw on his deep knowledge of the obstacles to these goals as well as of strategies for overcoming those obstacles, his knowledge of the engineering campus, his colleagues on the STRIDE committee and in ADVANCE more generally, as well as his personal commitment and wisdom. I look forward to working closely with him."

His appointment ensures that CoE efforts are well coordinated, both with other activities of the college and with the campuswide and national ADVANCE efforts, Stewart says.

"I'm really excited about participating in ADVANCE and working with faculty who are interested in making the University diverse to better serve our students," says Jones, whose research interests involve the mechanical behavior of structural metal alloys.

Jones, who has been at U-M since 1978, brings to this appointment a wealth of experience and knowledge, including five years in the CoE Dean's Office as associate dean of undergraduate education and four years on the campus-wide Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) committee, Stewart says.

"We are delighted that Wayne has been appointed to this position. His experience and the respect other faculty members have for him will ensure that he will be able to immediately make a positive difference," England says.

The ADVANCE Project began as a five-year, grant-funded initiative promoting institutional transformation with respect to women faculty in science and engineering fields. The project resulted in forming the Network of Women Scientists and Engineers, creating a career advising handbook and offering grants to help meet career-relevant needs of faculty in science and engineering.

With the University's commitment to continue funding through June 2011, the program gradually will expand to promoting other kinds of diversity among faculty and students in all fields. The project is housed within the Institute for Research on Women and Gender.

This story was written by Jared Wadley and originally appeared in the University Record