John R. (Chip) Keough: Joyworks and giving back to UM’s MSE Department

On a dirt road in Ann Arbor Township sits a large house next to what looks like a 6 car garage. What is odd though, is that there is a large number of electrical boxes and gear next to the garage. There are no cars in this building. There is just joy. The joy of pouring molten metal into molds. This is the man-cave of one of our alumni, John R. (Chip) Keough. Chip is the CEO of Applied Process, a leader in Austempering Technology, and the founder of Joyworks. Chip is passionate about Materials Science and Engineering, and especially passionate about sharing his love for metal processing with our undergraduate students. Chip is a long time advisory board member to our department and is now an Adjunct Faculty member. Ever since Joyworks came online in 2008, Chip has invited our undergraduate laboratory class to run one of our experiments at his facility. Students are given the opportunity to make foam molds, pack them in sand, and pour molten metal to actually make an object. They then go back to the lab to study what they have made and develop a deep physical understanding of the material response to solidification and the concomitant properties. This short video provides a glimpse of Chip’s passion, commitment to students, and his joy of running Joyworks.