MSE 220

The following videos were produced in the Fall of 2012 for our introductory materials course, MSE 220 - Materials and Manufacturing.  These videos were intended to show the passion that our faculty and students have about the some of the subjects that were covered in the introductory course related to their research.  The videos were not intended to teach these subjects, but rather inspire our students to spend the 6+ hours needed to master the material by reading the book and working problems.

This work was part of an experiment to teach one of the three classes a week as an active learning session without lecture. Exam questions were tagged depending on whether or not the material was presented in the traditional lecture format or in the active learning sessions.  The results from the term was a shift the median, 19 points higher (out of 100), for the set of questions based on the active learning sessions compared to the traditional lecture.  There were 170 students participating in this study.

The videos and the experiment was funded by an "Investigating Student Learning" grant that Steve Yalisove was awarded by the Center for Research and Learning at the University of Michigan.

Welcome to MSE 220



Recovery, Recrystallization & Grain Growth



Phase Diagrams



Mechanical Properties of Polymers



Organic Properties - Organic Solar Cells