Demos we have

Demo Concepts Location Relavent Courses
Atomic Trampoline Box 17, 2224C Dow
Biomaterials, examples of implants Box 7, 2224C Dow
Casting demos Box 11, 2224C Dow
Corrosion Demos Box 19, 2224C Dow
Curie Point of Iron Magnetic materials. To demonstrate that when metals are normally attracted to a magnet, they can be heated to a temperature (Curie point) where they
Diffusion in Liquids atomic vibrations and diffusion
Imperfections in Crystalline Materials disorder and imperfections
Line Defects in Crystalline Materials dislocations/two dimensional defects in crystalline materials
Linear Polymers (the lampchain model) Properties of linear organic polymers
Meisner Effect superconduction
Nylon Rope kits Box 24, 2224C Dow
Shuttle Tile Demo Box 23, 2224C Dow
Sporting equipment demos Box 27, 2224C Dow
Strain Hardening of Aluminum strain hardening, dislocations, mechanical work
Superconductor Demos Box 20, 2224C Dow
Teacher Camp demos Box 25, 2224C Dow
The Glass Transition of Polymers The glass transition of polymers, Tg
The Lever Rule Phase diagrams and the lever rule
Thermally Induced BCC to FCC Transformation in 1080 Steel Wire steel characteristics. To demonstrate thermal expansion and thermally induced crystal structure changes in eutectoid (1080) steel.
Various Demonstrations Box 18, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 16, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 5, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 28, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 6, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 8, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 9, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 10, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 13, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 14, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 21, 2224C Dow
Various Demonstrations Box 26, 2224C Dow
Viscoelasticity viscoelastic behavior as demonstrated by polymers

Demos we know about, but don't have

Demo Concepts Location Relavent Courses
3-D Grain Structure Grains
Aerogels Inorganic polymer chains
BCC Spring Model Interatomic forces, equilibrium spacing in crystalline solids, and interstitial positions in BCC.
Bite into it Crosslinking polymerization
Case Study: Ductility Transition of Airplane Landing Gear brittle-to-ductile transition temperature, toughness
Case Study: How Chromium Protects Steel passivation, corrosion
Case Study: How Oxidation and Reduction were Utilized 2200 Years Ago oxidation, reduction, chemical metal plating
Case Study: Molasses Tank Failure ultimate strength, material selection
Case Study: Sully-sur-Loire Bridge Failure brittle-to-ductile transition temperature, cyclic fatigue
Case Study: The Beryllium Bicycle Frame materials properties
Case Study: Ultimate Strength and Airplane Bolts ultimate strength, safety
Cheap Science: Corrosion of Pennies corrosion
Chicken Tonight iron-carbon diagram, strength, toughness, ductility, hardness
Composites: A Brief Description of their Structure and Mechanical Properties polymeric composite materials
Corrosion: The Importance of Oxygen corrosion, oxidation and reduction
Electric Potential as Demonstrated in a Copper and Aluminum Human Battery To demonstrate the theory of electric potential, using human sweat as the electrolyte.
Fatigue of Aluminum cyclic loading, fatigue, endurance limit
Fictional Phase Diagram Phase diagrams
Gelatin as a Physically Cross-LInked Elastomer Crosslinking
Glowing Glass recombination, luminescence
History of the Artificial Eye Evolution of Materials
I'm All Ears Hearing, prosthesis, electrode
Image Conduit transparent materials, optical wave guides, critical angle, total internal reflection.
In The Dark photochromic glass
Kevlar The structure and properties of Kevlar
Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD's) LCD's and their uses.
Luminescence as Displayed in a Glowing Pickle A true Gee Whiz experiment that demonstrates luminescence by running a current through a pickle, which causes it to glow.
Materials Balance phase diagrams, the Lever Rule, two phase regions
Metal Mouth galvanism, electrode, potential, electrolyte
Microstructures within Polymers Microstructures within Polymers
Modulated Laser semiconduction, optical wave-guiding materials
Necking: A Comparative Study of deformation in Polymers and Metals deformation in polymers and metals
Niobium Titanium Superconductive Wire superconduction
No Bones About It biocompatibility, microstructure, hydroxyapatite
Passivation and the Copper Penny corrosion, passivation, anodic, cathodic
Photocell semiconduction, conduction band, resistivity
Plastic vs. Glass heterogeneous nucleation
Polymeric Distribution Different polymeric molecular structures and their effect on deformation, and, the four stages that linear amorphous polymers undergo as temperature increases
Processed Silicon Wafer semiconduction, intrinsic, n-type, p-type
Rectifier semiconduction, junction, bias, n-type, p-type, electrons, holes, fermi energy level, conduction band
Recycling the Plastic Package Polymer Recycling
Supercooled Solution heterogeneous nucleation
Take A Bite polymers, thermoplastic polymers
The Bubble Blower Grains, grain boundaries, and grain growth
The Crystal Demonstration grains, grain orientation, solubility limit with nucleation, and growth
The Dashpot (Maxwell Model) The Maxwell Model
The Three Forms of Carbon structures and allotropes, material's properties
Thermal Conductivity General properties
Thermally Induced Shrinkage in Heat Reactive Polymers polymers, thermally induced shrinkage, heat reactive polymers
Thermo Couple semiconduction, fermi energy vs. temperature
Transistor Processing semiconduction, n-type, p-type, electrons, holes
Where did I Put My Nose? artificial body parts, biocompatibility, silicone
Working Together property matching, thermal expansion, bonding