Equipment Location Has SOP? Last Maintenance Next Maintenance
Anatech Hummer VI Sputter Coater Dow 2224 2008/08/14 00:00:00 GMT-4 2008/09/14 00:00:00 GMT-4
ATM Saphir 530 Dual Wheel Grinder/Polishers Dow 2231
AVS-Pillar Vacuum Induction Furnace 2231 HH Dow
Bruker D8 Discover with GADDS Dow 2219 2010/11/07 00:00:00 GMT-4 2011/05/07 00:00:00 GMT-4
Carver Hydraulic Press Dow 2231
Clark Microhardness Tester (Vickers/Knoop) CM-400AT Dow 2224 2009/07/31 00:00:00 GMT-4 2011/07/31 00:00:00 GMT-4
Dayton 2x8" Belt & Disc sander 6Z117B Dow 2231
DoAll Band saw Dow 2079A
DynaCool Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) 2171 HH Dow
Fisher Scientific FS30 Ultrasonic Cleaner Dow 2231
Furnace, Lindberg/Blue (1700C, 3500W) Dow 2231
Furnace, Lindberg/Blue (1700C, 5000W) Dow 2231
Furnace, VWR Signature™ Gravity Convection Ovens 2231 HH Dow
Furnaces, Lindberg/BlueM (1200C) Dow 2231
Haas CNC Machine (VF-1) 2231 HH Dow
Instron 3382A 2224 HH Dow
Jasco (FT/IR-4100) Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer Dow 2224
JEOL JSM-IT500HR with SE/BSE/EDS 2224 HH Dow
Kewaunee Fume Hood (Phoenix control) Dow 2219, 2231
LECO Cut Off Saw Dow 2231
LECO Mounting Presses Dow 2231
Microscope, Nikon SMZ-2T, Stereo with Cohu high performance CCD Camera & Fiber lite S80 Illuminator Dow 2224
MTS Insight Electromechanical-10 kN Standard Length Dow 2224 2014/06/03 00:00:00 GMT-4
Nikon AZ100 Microscope with Nikon Digital Sight DS-5M Camera 2224 HH Dow
Nikon Eclipse Ci Biological Microscope with DS-Ri2 Camera 2224 HH Dow
Nikon Eclipse LV100ND Upright Microscope with DS-Ri2 Cameras 2224 HH Dow
Nikon Eclipse MA 200 Inverted Microscope with DS-Ri2 2224 HH Dow
Perkin Elmer (DSC 6) Dow 2224
Perkin Elmer Auto Balance AD6 Dow 2224
Pillar Induction Furnace Haas CNC Machine (VF-1)
Rigaku MiniFlex 600 XRD Dow 2224
Rigaku SmartLab XRD 2219 HH Dow Hanawalt X-ray MicroAnalysis Laboratory (XMAL)
Rigaku Supermini 200 XRF 2224 HH Dow
Rockwell Hardness Tester Dow 2224
RTC 1000 Furnace 2231 HH Dow
Sonntag Universal Impact Machine Dow 2231
Stratasys OBJET24 3D Printer 2231 HH Dow
TA×XT-Plus Texture Analyser 2224 HH Dow
Varian 50Bio UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Dow 2224 2014/10/07 12:00:00 GMT-4 2015/04/07 00:00:00 GMT-4