Burleigh Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)/Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)


Prepared by:

Ying Qi and J. Scanlon


426 Space Research Building


The following materials and equipment associated with this procedure present exposure or physical health hazards. Safety precautions are prudent and mandatory.

When equipment is energized, the sample stage is not at ground voltage. Care must be taken to avoid electric shock. Always turn off the power when putting in sample or taking sample out!


Prior to performing this procedure, the following safety equipment must be accessible and ready for use: (e.g. chemical fume hood, biological safety cabinet, laminar flow hood, chemical spill kits)

Protective Equipment:

Prior to performing this procedure, the following personal protective equipment must be obtained and ready for use: (e.g. acid resistant gloves, safety eyewear, lab coat, chemical splash apron)

Wear gloves to avoid contaminating samples and equipment.

Waste Disposal:

This procedure will result in the follow regulated waste which must be disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations.


In the event that a hazardous material spills during this procedure, be prepared to execute the emergency procedure below.


Follow the instructions in the Metris 1000 (STM) and Metris 2000 (AFM) manuals. They are quite clear. You are advised to adhere to the software settings and configuration recommended in the manual.


Last Revision:

Dec 03, 2009