Rockewell Hardness Tester

Prepared by:

J. Scanlon


Dow 2224


The following materials and equipment associated with this procedure present exposure or physical health hazards. Safety precautions are prudent and mandatory.



Prior to performing this procedure, the following safety equipment must be accessible and ready for use: (e.g. chemical fume hood, biological safety cabinet, laminar flow hood, chemical spill kits)


Protective Equipment:

Prior to performing this procedure, the following personal protective equipment must be obtained and ready for use: (e.g. acid resistant gloves, safety eyewear, lab coat, chemical splash apron)

You must wear safety glasses at all times in this laboratory.

Waste Disposal:

This procedure will result in the follow regulated waste which must be disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations.



In the event that a hazardous material spills during this procedure, be prepared to execute the emergency procedure below.

Not Applicable


1. Decide which tip you want to use. If the wrong tip is in, remove it and put the right tip in.
2. Check the weight in back of the tester and add or subtract if necessary for the tip you are using.

3. Make sure the lever on the right side of the indenter is pulled forward.
4. Put the sample onto the stage.
5. Raise the stage by rotating the handles at the base of the stage. Raise it until you see the small arrow on the red dial reach the dot on the gauge.
6. Now use the fine adjustment below the handles to set the arrow at the set point on the gauge.
7. Now push down the lever at the base of stage. You will see the needle move on the gauge. Wait until you are sure that the needle has stopped moving.
8. Pull the level forward. The needle on the gauge will move significantly. Read off the hardness.


Last Revision:

May 23, 2024