Albert Yee

Professor Emeritus


B.S. (Chem.), University of California-Berkeley, 1967.
Ph.D. (Chem.), University of California-Berkeley, 1971.


Research activities focus on various aspects of the physical and mechanical behavior of polymer-based materials. The emphasis is on understanding the fundamental mechanisms governing their behavior, with the ultimate goal of modifying polymers on microscopic and macroscopic levels to enhance performance.

A new area of investigation relates to polymers for electronic devices and MEMS: low-K dielectrics, packaging, and thin films. Other current work includes investigations into the nature of cooperative molecular motions in glassy polymers and the effect of changes in the molecular architecture on these motions. These motions influence the diffusion, viscoelastic, and fracture behavior of polymers. Another group of projects studies the deformation and fracture mechanisms of multi-phase polymers. Methods of investigation include various mechanical characterization techniques, optical and electron microscopy, positron annihilation spectroscopy (in some cases utilizing a monoenergetic low energy positron beam), chemical synthesis, and numerical simulation.