Aaron Lamoureux

Max Shtein



3051W NCRC, Building 28
T: (734) 764-4312




B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University

My research involves using origami and kirigami design principles to develop novel devices for a wide range of photovoltaic and other optoelectronic applications. Currently, we are investigating the combination of thin film solar cells and tunable kirigami structures as a lightweight, compact, and economical alternative to conventional solar tracking. These devices consist of a simple kirigami cut pattern integrated with thin-film solar cells, whereby pulling on the structure in the axial direction results in a global and predictable change in solar cell angle (Figure 1). By leveraging the unique geometric properties of the kirigami substrate itself, and the excellent electrical and mechanical properties of thin film solar cells, we have demonstrated an efficient and robust tracking method that we hope will significantly broaden the use of solar tracking to new market segments such as mobile and residential (pitched) rooftop tracking

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  2. Aaron Lamoureux, Kyusang Lee, Matthew Shlian, Stephen Forrest and Max Shtein. "Solar Tracking Using Dynamic Kirigami Structures." University of Michigan Engineering Graduate Symposium. November, 2014. Ann Arbor, MI.