Adam Barito

Max Shtein


3051W NCRC, Building 28
T: (734) 764-4312



B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Arkansas
B.S. in Physics, University of Arkansas

My research focuses on breaking the tradeoff between absorption and exciton diffusion in organic photovoltaics using novel device design. By employing cascade heterojunction (CHJ) device structures, we have broadened spectral response and minimized parasitic recombination of excitons at the anode and in the bulk of planar OPVs. We've also developed a predictive model for determining the external quantum efficiency of CHJs and established practical design rules to ensure high fill factor and IQE in those structures. We are currently investigating long-range resonant energy transfer in CHJs to further increase device absorption (across the visible spectrum and at absorption peaks) without limiting exciton diffusion efficiency.



  1. A. Barito, M. E. Sykes, B. Huang, D. Bilby, B. Frieberg, J. Kim, P. F. Green, and M. Shtein (2014). Universal design principles for cascade heterojunction solar cells with high fill factors and internal quantum efficiencies approaching 100%, Advanced Energy Materials, 4:1400216
  2.  M. E. Sykes, A. Barito, J. A. Amonoo, P. F. Green, M. Shtein (2014). Broadband plasmonic photocurrent enhancement in planar organic photovoltaics embedded in a metallic nanocavity, Advanced Energy Materials, 4:1301937
  3. A. Barito, M. E. Sykes, D. Bilby, J. A. Amonoo, Y. Jin, S. E. Morris, P. F. Green, J. Kim, M. Shtein (2013). Recovering lost excitons in organic photovoltaics using a transparent dissociation layer, Journal of Applied Physics, 113, 203110.


Selected Presentations:

  1. “Universal design principles for cascade heterojunction organic photovoltaics with broad spectral coverage and power conversion efficiency greater than 8%” A. Barito, M. E. Sykes, D. Bilby, B. Huang, K. L. Agrawal, B. X. Dong, B. Frieberg, P. F. Green, J. Kim, M. Shtein. MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA (December 2014
  2. “Characterization and modeling of hybrid silicon/PTCDA photovoltaic junctions” M. Hendryx, A. Barito, C. K. Renshaw, S. R. Forrest, M. Shtein. MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA (December 3, 2013)
  3. “Exciton dissociation layers for maximizing current generation in organic photovoltaics” A. Barito, M. E. Sykes, S. E. Morris, J. Amonoo, D. Bilby, J. Kim, P. F. Green, M. Shtein. MRS Spring Meeting, San Fransisco, CA (April 3, 2013)
  4. “The effects of spatially varying exciton lifetimes in OPVs” A. Barito, M. E. Sykes, S. E. Morris, J. Amonoo, D. Bilby, J. Kim, P. F. Green, M. Shtein.CSTEC External Program Review, Ann Arbor, MI (October 2, 2012)
  5. “Modeling and experimental optimization of flexible, top-illuminated OPVs for use in large-scale, volumetrically distributed configurations.” A. Barito, M. Hendryx, M. Shtein. US-Korea Joint Symposium of Nanotechnology Workshops, Dallas, TX (May 2, 2012)