Richard Laine

Gas Phase Combustion Synthesis of Nanopowders, Modeling, and Processing Duplex Microstructures

Collaborators: Violi Group (U of M)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Liquid feed-flame spray pyrolysis (LF-FSP) uses inexpensive metalloorganic precursors to produce ultrafine metal oxide and mixed-metal oxide powders. The versatility and scalability of LF-FSP makes it an attractive technology for synthesizing large quantities of nanopowders for uses ranging from transparent armor to materials for solid-state batteries. In certain cases we find that the usefulness of the LF-FSP derived powders can be attributed to the formation of kinetic and metastable phases not observed when using other production methods. This project, in collaboration with the Violi Group in Mechanical Engineering, aims to elucidate the nature of the LF-FSP particle formation process, model this process, and use the model to predict phase formation in material systems that have yet to be explored.