Rigaku MiniFlex 600 XRD

Location Dow 2224

Ying Qi



A beginner-friendly x-ray diffractometer for performing theta/2-theta scans.  Optimized for powder diffraction but can accommodate other specimen types.  University radiation safety course and dosimeter paperwork required before training/use.  PDXL software for analysis with various databases is available free of charge.


Target metal: Cu

Voltage: 40 kV

Current: 15 mA

The MiniFlex 600 incorporates the real-time angle correction system, compact and wide-area scintillation counter (SC), and counter monochromator to enhance its basic specifications as a powder XRD system in terms of angle accuracy, intensity and P/B ratio.

Applications: Starting from diffraction pattern comparison of polycrystalline materials (such as powder samples and metal plates) and up to qualitative & quantitative analyses as well as quality control management of raw materials and products.

The counter monochromator cuts X-rays (fluorescence X-rays, etc.) other than the characteristic X rays (CuKα) used for the analysis to obtain the data with low background and high P/B ratio.