Daniel Yin

Amit Misra

Edward DeMille Campbell Collegiate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering


G044 Lay Auto, 1231 Beal Ave
T: (734) 764-7799



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Ph.D. Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering

Academic Training:

B.Sc. Material Science & Engineering, Georgia Tech (2018)


• Born outside Purdue University in Indiana but hopped from Los Angeles to New York City before settling down in Lexington Massachusetts.
• I prefer to stay indoors when at home. But when it comes to traveling, you won't find me lazing around in a hotel room.
• Have visited 9 countries spread out over North America, Europe, and Asia. Favorite memories include:
• Riding a gondola through the canals of Venice
• Scaling unrestored portions of the Great Wall
• Climbing Mt. Fuji at night to catch the sunrise at the summit
• Collecting glacier water at Jasper National Park
• I enjoy staying up to date on the latest developments in computer hardware and HiFi audio


Research Experiences:

• Graduate Research Assistant, University of Michigan, CLAIM Lab, January 2019 - April 2021
• Some experience in numerical modeling of the direct metal deposition additive manufacturing process
• Focus is on non-equilibrium partitioning of binary immiscible alloys